Teeter Vibration Cushion with Far Infrared Neck Pillow

Teeter Vibration Cushion 
with Far Infrared Neck Pillow

A Wonderful Addition to your inversion table  
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  - $99.00
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10 Vibrating Motors - 2 Infrared Heat Sources
Many people like using the cushion on their inversion
tables, while others use it on their beds or couches etc. 
Canada - $45.00

World Wide - $75.00
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO - $25.00

It is also nice to use separate from the table on a bed or couch.
Ten vibrating motors and two far infrared heater lights in the neck pillow help increase circulation
and relax muscles for a more complete inversion experience. Five modes - you can control intensity
and speed. About fifty different choices. The far infrared heater is in the pillow that acts as a neck support.

Remote control with LCD - allows user to target zone, speed, intensity and optional heat at the touch of a button
Neck arch support - supports the neck in a gentle arch to restore curvature and to achieve greater decompression
of this area while inverted; can be used in conjunction with the vibration cushion or alone as additional support
2 far infrared heaters, embedded in the neck arch support - positioned to target the upper back and shoulder area
to deliver warming, deep heat that relaxes the muscles and helps to stimulate surface circulation
Vibration on high setting can be intense. We recommend mild settings for the first few weeks. 
Teeter Vibration Cushion Instruction Manual

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Teeter Vibration Cushion with Far Infrared Neck Pillow
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