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This powerful TapTech Massager is designed to massage virtually any part of the body and
especially those hard-to-reach muscles in your neck, shoulders and back. It even reaches
between your shoulder blades where other massagers can’t. The vigorous, rhythmic percussion
massage deeply penetrates aching muscles, relieving tightness and helps you feel energized
and relaxed all over. If you spend a lot of time sitting and working - one of the great features
of the TapTech Massager is that you don't have to get up from your work to slip the vest around
your neck and over your shoulders. Then you just push the red button and you are ready to go. 

Features of the TapTech Massager
• Runs on AC - Plug it in
• Two year factory warranty
• High / Low strength buttons
• Digital Display (PoundTech only)
TapTech in cool black only at this time
• Easy to use and very compact for travel
• Automatic shut off feature for over heating and 5 minute session
• A strong commercial grade solenoid for deep tissue massage action
• Automatic preprogrammed twenty (20) different types of massages


Canada - $45.00

World Wide - $65.00
Alaska, Hawaii, PR, APO - $25.00
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Tap Tec Massager
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Price $99.00
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