Small Compact Switchblade Knife + Whistle + Compass

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Small Compact Switchblade Auto-Knife 
This is a very cool knife. It is small, strong, well built and has a lock so won't open in your pocket.  
Locks when opened and has a belt clip. It is small eough to stash almost anywhere but a serious knife that could save your life. Partial seration guarantees it won't go dull in an emergency. The knife blade is under 2 inches so it's legal
in California. This listing is for one knife and one whistle.

Whistle 3 in 1 - Compass & Centigrade Thermometer
Excellent quality water suspended compass and thermometer, includes lanyard. Whether  you are deep in the forest or struggling to survive in the urban jungle we consider a good whistle to be an important if not essential part of any survival kit.  

Awesome Automobile Survival Knife + Whistle + Compass
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Price $18.50

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