Hawkbill Karambit Tactical Combat Neck/ Pocket Knife w/ Leather

  Hawkbill Karambit Tactical Combat Neck Knife / Pocket Knife w/Leather Sheath
This is a smokin hot stainless steel 3 5/8" knife. It's a perfect size for hanging
around the neck or keeping in a pocket. For self defense it has vicious potential.
We would like to make it available for a more economical price but it's custom 
 to our specification in a small knife shop. It's not mass produced in a factory. 
The finger hole is 3/4" so it's large enough for easy access for any size finger.
This is a solid thick knife that will not bend or break under any circumstance.
We include a strong satin cord if you want to use this as a neck knife.


Awesome Automobile Survival Knife + Whistle + Compass
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