10 Survival Items - Space Bag, Multi-Tool, Whistle, Wire Saw

10 Survival Items - Tarp, Space Blanket, Space Sleeping Bag, Pliers Multi-Tool , Cord,
 Whistle / Compass, Matches,  Wire Saw & Medical Tape, Go Bag Pouch
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You will receive:  
1. 5ft x 7ft Blue Plastic Tarp    2. Emergency Space Blanket  3. Emergency Space Blanket Sleeping Bag  
4. Pliers Multi-Tool + Nylon Case with Belt Loop  - 7 Blades 5. 75 Feet of Strong Braided Nylon Cord   
6. Waterproof Matches - Box of 40  7. Whistle 3 in 1 - Compass & Centigrade Thermometer
8. Excellent Quality 25" Wire Saw  9.  High Quality Cotton Medical Adhesive Tape 3/4 x 78"    
10. Everything fits into a Strong Compact Go Bag Organizational Pouch

 5ft x 7ft Blue Plastic Tarp

Light weight, tear resistant, water proof, mildew resistant,
rust proof aluminum grommets, finished size 4' 8" x 6' 6"

Waterproof Emergency Space Blanket 48 x 82 inches and 
Waterproof Emergency Space Blanket Sleeping Bag

Aluminized mylar developed by NASA reflects up to 97% of solar radiation and
is used to protect the International Space Station. These lightweight large space
blanket sleeping bags are awesome for preventing or treating hypothermia, and
could turn a potentially life threatening situation into a cozy and relaxing adventure.
Shelters against wind and rain, retains body heat in the cold - 36  x 84 inches.

Pliers Multi-Tool + Nylon Case with Belt Loop  - 7 Blades 
This is a very well built and functional tool.

75 Feet of Strong 10 Pound Test Braided Nylon Cord 

Waterproof Matches - Box of 40

Whistle 3 in 1 - Compass & Centigrade Thermometer
Excellent quality water suspended compass and thermometer, includes lanyard.
Whether  you are deep in the forest or struggling to survive in the urban jungle
we consider a good whistle to be an important if not essential part of any survival kit.

Excellent Quality 25" Wire Saw 

High Quality Cotton Medical Adhesive Tape = 3/4 x 78"    

Every Item Fits in This Strong  Go Bag Organizational Pouch 
This bag helps your keep track of important items.
Japanese design excellent quality and very useful.
There is plenty of room for all the above items and more 
in this pouch. 8 3/4 x 12 Inches - 2 Zipper Pocket


10 Survival Items - Tarp, Space Bag, Pliers Multi-Tool, Whistle, Whistle, Compass, Wire Saw
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